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Free of charge: 5 tips - secrets to help you bank more money


This booklet from author and success coach Steve Chitty was created for entrepreneurs, freelancers and everybody else who are earning good money but still struggling to keep their heads above water. The booklet contains five simple tips that will help you gain more control over your finances. (PDF file, 25 pages, 332 KB)

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Unformated preview of the document: '5 tips - secrets to help you bank more money' (Part 1):

How to Win the
Money Game.
5 secrets to help you keep more of the
money you earn.
By Steve Chitty
© Steve Chitty 2011
A friend of mine had a client who earned $1,000,000 a year (yes that is 6 zeros).
Understandably this man enjoyed a lavish life of holidays, fine food, good wine
and many other pleasures one would enjoy on that kind of income. Imagine you
were earning that kind of money every year. You would have no problems would
you? Well earning a lot of money doesn't mean all your problems go away...
Aside from the relatively modest home the million dollar man owned, he had
nothing substantial to show from his high income. No savings, no investments.
Nothing! He was in the habit of spending everything he earned and had been for
many years. What was even more alarming was that this man was over 60 years
old and nearing the end of his days of earning money. I don't know how his story
will end but I suspect he will face some problems in his retirement unless he
makes some drastic changes in his final years of earning.
The problem is most people believe if they earned more money their financial
situation would be better. In some situations this is true – a higher income does
give us more options. But for a large number of people simply earning more
money wouldn't solve their problem.
If we embrace the 5 secrets covered in this booklet we will keep and enjoy more
of the money we earn, regardless of how much we earn. The principles are
timeless and they work. We'll also be able to give generously and will
accumulate more because we will spend differently. But most of all we will be
applying habits that will affect our character and make us better stewards of our
resources both today and tomorrow.
It doesn't really matter how much you make – it's what you do with it that matters.
© Steve Chitty 2011
5 secrets to help you keep more of
the money you earn.
Secret Number 1: Keep Your Eye on the Goal and Delay Your Gratification!
Where there is no vision, the people perish – Proverbs 29;18 (King James
version of the Bible)
The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. – Vince Lombardi
I remember the first time I ever went on a travelator, I thought it was one of the
best things I had ever seen. (A travelator is like an escalator except it carries you
along on a conveyor at ground level – they are used in large airports if you have
a long distance to walk with luggage). I first discovered a travelator at the Kuala
Lumpur airport and, because I was tired from a long flight, it was just what the
doctor ordered.
I needed to take my luggage from one end of the airport to the other so I simply
got on this long escalator type of thing and it took me in the direction I wanted to
go. Each travelator carried me for about 50 meters and gently slipped me off at
the end (similar to an escalator). If I had already reached my destination I could
step off to the side, or, if I still had a way to go I simply took a few steps and got
on the next travelator. It was fantastic! This machine was actually carrying me
towards my destination.
How I wish life was like a travelator! How I wish I could simply get on for an
effortless ride and life would take me exactly where I wanted to go. Unfortunately
reality is quite different. The travelators of life actually go the opposite direction
to where we want to be – if we stop propelling ourselves forward we slide back to
our starting point. In fact it almost seems that everything in life tries to drag us
© Steve Chitty 2011
back to our starting point. If we stop exercising our fitness starts to subside, if we
tidy our house it never stays tidy, if we don't spend time with loved ones we drift
It's the same with our financial situation. If we don't take steps to improve our
habits, and keep improving them then any positive changes will be fleeting and
we will soon find ourselves back where we started. If we want to make changes
to our finances we need to know specifically what we want to change and by
when and we need to keep walking. We will only keep more of our own money if
we have a clear picture of what we are trying to achieve. We need to have a
goal or target to aim for and that we can measure. The good thing about money
is it is very measurable – if you want to save $100 then you'll know EXACTLY
when you've

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