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Free of charge: Contract Template for Appointing a Freelancer


This standard contract template covers the essential aspects of appointing a freelancer. Key issues are service definition and scope, duration, rates and invoicing, confidentiality, liability and jurisdiction. The document is in Word format which you can quickly modify to meet your own specific needs. (RTF file, 4 pages, 80 KB).

Note: Freelancers registered with us can generate a pre-filled sample contract directly in their self-administration area. This sample contract has already data of the freelancer, the customer and project details (filled-in by our system).

Request this document for free by email:  captcha-1  ► Show all documents 

Unformated preview of the document: 'Contract Template for Appointing a Freelancer' (Part 1):

Australia Freelance Market provides this contract template for free, please adjust it to your needs. Note that we do not take any responsibility for legal effects using this template.


Contract Agreement for Service


This agreement is to formally set out the terms of the agreement

between <Contractor name>
trading as <Contractor company name>
of <Contractor address> (The Contractor)

and <Client name>
of <Client address> (The Client).



  1. The Client carries on the business of <Short description of business nature>.
  2. The Contractor has agreed to provide services related to <short statement outlining service to be delivered> (hereinafter named The Service).
  3. The Client desires to engage the contractor to provide the Service and the Contractor have agreed to accept the engagement subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter provided.



The term of this agreement will commence on <Start date> and terminate on <Finish date>.



  1. The Contractor shall carry out their Service to the best of their ability and to a standard acceptable to the Client. The individual Contractor has undertaken to provide the Service and may not subcontract the Service to any other party unless so authorized by the Client in writing.
  2. Where the Contractor is so authorised, the Contractor shall ensure that the staff engaged by the Contractor will be suitably qualified. In this respect, the Client will be entitled to inspect and approve a list of personnel along with their qualifications that may be involved in providing the service. Without prejudice to the generality of the clause headed "Termination" herein, the Client shall be entitled to terminate the contract forthwith if it is not satisfied with the professional skill of any or any alternative members of staff used or nominated by the Contractor.



  1. During the duration of this agreement, the parties agree that the Contractor shall be an independent contractor and not the servant or employee of the Client.
  2. The Contractor will be paid a rate of AU$ <rate> per hour for their service. Invoices are to be issued on a monthly basis with signed timesheets to support hours worked and shall include an additional 10% GST. The payment terms will be <period> days from the date of invoice. The payment will be subject to any direction of the AustralianTaxation Office and/or any provision of Tax Acts relating to any deduction, retention or other withholding of moneys required to be made or affected by the Client in respect of fees for professional services.
  3. As an independent Contractor, the Contractor shall bear exclusive responsibility for the payment of Income Tax contributions, insurances and superannuation contributions on fees received in consideration of the Service rendered under this agreement.
  4. The Contractor will be responsible for all GST liabilities if any due in respect of fees received under this agreement.
  5. The Contractor shall not be entitled to any sick leave, overtime, holiday entitlement nor shall be subject to the legislative code regarding employee’s rights.
  6. The Contractor shall be entitled to form a company controlled by the Contractor for the purposes or rendering the service due under this agreement.



  1. If the said Service is to be completed at a location other than the Client’s work premises, the Contractor shall agree to site visits/audits during the course of the contract and as the Client deems necessary, from time to time. Furthermore, if a subcontractor is to be engaged, the Contractor shall agree to appropriate site visits/audits by both the primary Contractor and their sub-contractor.
  2. Should the Client not be satisfied with the performance of the contractor, the contract may be terminated.



The Contractor agrees not to disclose any information to third parties, arising as a result of this contract either during or subsequent to this contract. It is hereby agreed by both parties hereto that no publication of the works, or the results of it, shall be made by either party without written consent and that they will not disclose to third parties any information arising as a result of this contract either during or subsequent to this contract.



This contact may be terminated by

Unformated preview of the document: 'Contract Template for Appointing a Freelancer':  Part 2

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