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FAQ: How do I create a guest post for the Australia Freelance Market News?

Registered freelancers are welcome to submit a guest post for our monthly Australia Freelance Market Newsletter, in order to inform the customer about their service. To be successful, we recommend the following:

  • Focus on topics which are interesting and relevant for our readers. You can, for example, give valuable tips from your special field, write about a very unusual assignment, or you show how you could solve a special challenge in an elegant way.
  • Pure self-presentations of your skills do not fit into a newsletter. Such things can be read already in your Australia Freelance Market profile.
  • The article should not be longer than 20 sentences.
  • For your reference have a look at previous articles submitted by our freelancers at www.australiafreelancemarket.com.au/news.
  • Please send your article to info@australiafreelancemarket.com.au. We will publish it free of charge in our email newsletter and at www.australiafreelancemarket.com.au/news.
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