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FAQ: How does Australia Freelance Market find contracts for the registered freelancers?

Australia Freelance Market puts a large amount of effort into finding potential clients for our freelancers. By the following measures, we manage to attract several thousand interested visitors a day to our Internet marketplace:

  • Cooperation agreements with industry associations and professional organisations.
  • PR towards the business press and trade journals.
  • Communication in Internet portals and web communities, such as Facebook and Wikipedia.
  • Direct communication with decision makers in HR and procurement departments.
  • Advertising in print media and on the Internet, such as Chamber of Commerce Magazine, Google and Yahoo.
  • Listings in Internet search engines (many top positions in Google).
  • Monthly Australia Freelance Market Newsletter (over ten thousand subscribers).
  • Links from several thousand other portals and web pages.
  • Presence at trade fairs and conferences.
  • Care and support for our customers (a large portion of our new customers come from personal recommendations).
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