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Project Manager $95/hr • 1981 Croydon, near Sydney (remote work only) • since Jan. 20243 verified referees

Profes­sional back­ground: MBA from Australian Institute of Business - completed in May 2017. Master in Global Project Management completed in June 2016. Since June 2015 own consulting company specialising in Project Management, Project Turnaround, Stakeholder Management & Business Transformation. Worked with various businesses ranging from tech startups to food manufacturers. Also I have worked on security projects. Self-employed since 2015.

Languages: Polish +++   

Explanation: + for low, ++ for medium, +++ for high.

On-site work: Croydon, near Sydney (remote work only)

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a) Please consider that the freelancer pays an introduction fee of $ 190.00 for each genuine introduction.
b) In case of an assignment, the freelancer will invoice you directly, i.e. 100% of your money will reach the freelancer. Unlike other project brokers, you do not have to pay fees or a turnover commission to us, nor do you have to bill via us.
c) Please check that the selected freelancer profile fits well to your project.
d) You have to agree to the hourly rate ($ 95.00/hr plus travel expenses).
e) You must have an actual project and you are not a professional project broker.
f) You can only request one freelancer per project.

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